Exsead Alliance

Second opinion

When our client has one or more final candidates from own recruitment processes, and seeks advise for the employment decision. Second opinion is a thorough mapping of a candidate´s candidates relevant experience, leadership capability, personality, motivation and values providing a distinct base for employment decision. The assessment is based on personality profile, cognitive tests, structured competence based in-depth interviews and reference interviews.
In any Executive Search process our point of departure is a thorough analysis to understand the specific business; strategic direction, the market-, technology- and competence challenges, organisation and values. Close collaboration with our client in the analyses stage also enables us to be a relevant and sensible speaking partner to candidates along the process, many times vital to initiate the interest for a new career move.
The candidate meets an experienced, qualified consultant who not only works with a thorough process and relevant tools to assess the candidate, but who also are comfortable to have an open and sincere dialogue on the candidate´s match with the position discussed.

Assessment of potential

The candidate looking for a new job wants something new, exciting and developing – and our client prefers someone who has done the job before… By thoroughly mapping of a candidate´s innate, but yet not fully developed, capabilities, we assess the potential to take on and succeed in a new role.
Second opinion is frequently used by our clients to assess potential for future career steps, for individual mentoring or as part of Young Potential-programs.
Exsead Alliance

Management audit / Management development review

When the executive board needs an overview of the organisations current management capabilities. Exsead Alliance members have extensive experience of mapping present capabilities in relation to what will be required in the years to come. Focussing each interview on individual managers strengths and development potential, management audit provides a roadmap and injection to form leadership capabilities for the future.
Exsead Alliance

Leadership development

What is your company´s greatest challenge right now? Is it about sales growth, product development or about developing coworkers and teams? We can support you in setting the right focus for the executive team.
We facilitate the process, starting by guiding your executive team in analyzing the present situation. From there, we guide you through defining the goals and the strategies, and in working out a detailed action plan. The executive team goes forward with a common view of what needs to be achieved, and concrete activities to accomplish to fulfill the strategy and reach the goals. And we are there to facilitate the process and support you along the way. Every project is tailormade to meet specific situations and needs.

Executive Coaching

The starting point of leadership development is to support the participants in defining their present situation, and relate that to what is expected of them in the future. What should I invest my attention in to reach the goals I want to achieve? Am I engaged in the right things, or is my time consumed by activities that will not lead to the results I want? How do I seize the opportunities and how do I manage challenges? How am I perceived as a manager and as a leader in my organization? In the management team?
Self-insight and reflection is increasingly seen as the foundation for genuine leadership. We explore and reflect together on the participant´s leadership profile; we underline the participant’s strengths and how to best make use of them, and we sort out what areas to consciously work on to mature as a leader. Practical training in specific real work situations, with subsequent reflections and conclusion runs through the development program, which is customized for each individual leader.